domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

Abodollah, unfortunately happened my friend: “swiss approve a referendum to ban minarets in the country”...

in a referendum held on sunday, just over 57% of voters voted in switzerland... switzerland has more than one hundred mosques and Muslim prayer rooms, but only four minarets... anyway, the SVP argues that the towers of the mosques are a sign of "islamization" of switzerland... interviewed by the BBC, Hadjipolu Tamir, president of the Association of Muslim Organizations in Zurich, said that if the ban is actually implemented, the Muslim community in switzerland to live with fear... "this will cause big problems, because even during this campaign, several mosques have been attacked - something that never lived in 40 years in Switzerland"... "with this referendum, ‘Islamophobia’ has increased very strongly"... in recent years, several european countries have discussed his relationship with Islam and how to better integrate Muslim communities... been posted here, monday, october 26, 2009, the news: ‘Stopp Já zum Minarettverbo’... in the end said: ‘i feel a storm approaching’... now, as you said, the only thing scares me is the ‘law of attraction’...

with information: bbc, swiss news agency ats,

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